Hartford-Brainard Airport

Environmental Assessment (EA) for Obstruction Removal and Lighting

Project Information

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The Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) has conducted a detailed study to evaluate existing obstructions that penetrate the federally protected airspace. These obstructions are primarily trees located near runway ends or located on small hills surrounding the Airport. As a follow-up study, the CAA is reviewing the potential impacts of tree removal, and selective clearing and/or thinning in areas the area that contain airspace obstructions. Objects that penetrate these surfaces are classified as airspace obstructions, and should be removed to safely accommodate approaching and departing aircraft.

To accomplish this, the CAA is conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) under federal and state procedures to identify affected properties and any potential environmental issues of removing trees and/or installing a pole-mounted red obstruction lights. No actual tree removal or construction activities are pending at this time; just the required evaluation.

This study is being performed by Clough Harbor Associates LLP (a subsidy of CHA Consulting, Inc.). The study is being conducted for the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA), referred to by the FAA as the "Sponsor." The lead agency for the EAs will be the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).