Hartford-Brainard Airport

Environmental Assessment (EA) for Obstruction Removal and Lighting

Project Documents

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Project Limits

Reference Documents

  • Document 1: Zoning regulations for area adjacent to the Hartford Airport.pdf icon
    This document dated January 27, 1941, is the original zoning plan which identifies the "approach zone" to the Hartford-Brainard Airport. The approach zones are identified as protected areas. The document defines the approach zones width and length as well as the restrictions on obstruction heights at the ends of all the runways. Please note, the document references numbers which correspond with the airport layout plan at the end of the document.
  • Document 2: HFD Zoning Easements Description.pdf icon
    This document dated March 25, 1959, is a legal description and corresponding map covering easements for property located southerly section of Maxim Road and the easterly side of Brainard Road. Please see the corresponding map at the end of the document for greater detail.
  • Tree Maintenance Planpdf icon

Draft Documents

Final Documents

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